Max Baker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I've been having problems maintaining the speed of the database in the
> long run.  VACUUMs of the main tables happen a few times a day after maybe
> 50,000 or less rows are added and deleted (say 6 times a day).

> I have a whole lot (probably too much) indexing going on to try to speed
> things up. 

> Whatever the case, the database still slows down to a halt after a month or
> so, and I have to go in and shut everything down and do a VACUUM FULL by
> hand.  One index (of many many) takes 2000 seconds to vacuum.  The whole
> process takes a few hours.

The first and foremost recommendation is to increase your FSM settings;
you seem to be using the defaults, which are pegged for a database size
of not more than about 100Mb.

Second is to update to PG 7.4.  I think you are probably suffering from
index bloat to some extent, and 7.4 should help.

                        regards, tom lane

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