We are experiencing slow performance on 8 Beta 2 Dev3 on Win32 and are
trying to determine why. Any info is appreciated.

We have a Web Server and a DB server both running Win2KServer with all
service packs and critical updates.

An ASP page on the Web Server hits the DB Server with a simple query that
returns 205 rows and makes the ASP page delivered to the user about 350K.

On an ethernet lan a client pc perceives just under 1 sec performance with
the following DB Server configuration:
    PIII 550Mhz
    256MB RAM
    7200 RPM HD
    Postgresql 7.1.3
    PGODBC 7.3.2

We set up another DB Server with 8 beta (same Web Server, same network, same
client pc) and now the client pc perceives response of just over 3 sec with
the following DB server config:
    PIII 700 Mhz
    448MB RAM
    7200 RPM HD
    8 Beta 2 Dev3 on Win32  running as a service

Is the speed decrease because it's a beta?
Is the speed decrease because it's running on Win instead of cygwin?

We did not install cygwin on the new DB Server.



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