You are asking the wrong question. The best OS is the OS you (and/or the customer) knows and can administer competently. The real performance differences between unices are so small as to be ignorable in this context. The context switching bug is not OS-dependent, but varys in severity across machine architectures (I understand it to be mostly P4/Athlon related, but don't take my word for it).


Tom Fischer wrote:

Hi List,

I have a Dual-Xeon 3Ghz System with with GB RAM and an Adaptec 212 SCSI
RAID with 4 SCA Harddiscs. Our customer wants to have the Machine tuned
for best Database performance. Which OS should we used? We are tending
between Linux 2.6 or FreeBSD. The Database Size is 5GB and ascending.
Most SQL-Queries are Selects, the Tablesizes are beetween 300k and up to
10 MB. I've read the Hardware Performance Guide and the result was to
take FreeBSD in the Decision too :)

And what is on this Context Switiching Bug i have read in the Archive?

Hope you can help me



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