Tom Lane wrote:
"Ray" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
CREATE INDEX idx_doc_substr_doc_urn ON doc USING btree (SUBSTR(doc_urn,10));
ERROR:  parser: parse error at or near "10" at character 68

This will work in 7.4, but not older releases.

Can't you just use a SQL function that calls the substr function? I have done that with date functions before
CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_month(text) returns double precision AS '
   SELECT date_part('month',$1);

CREATE INDEX get_month_idx on foo(get_month(date_field));
Or in this case:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION sub_text(text) returns text AS '
      SELECT SUBSTR($1,10) from foo;

CREATE INDEX sub_text_idx ON foo(sub_text(doc_urn));

This works on 7.3.6???


Joshua D. Drake

			regards, tom lane

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