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> Yes that is the long term goal, but the autovac in 8.0 is still all or 
> nothing.

Yes, which is why I couldn't use the current iteration for
production: the cost is too high.  I think this re-inforces my
original point, which is that taking away the ability of DBAs to
thump the planner for certain tables -- even indirectly -- under
certain pathological conditions is crucial for production work.  In
the ideal world, the wizards and genius planners and such like would
work perfectly, and the DBA would never have to intervene.  In
practice, there are cases when you need to haul on a knob or two. 
While this doesn't mean that we should adopt the Oracle approach of
having knobs which adjust the sensitivity of the knob that tunes the
main knob-tuner, I'm still pretty leery of anything which smacks of
completely locking the DBA's knowledge out of the system.


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