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I am dealing with an app here that uses pg to handle a few thousand concurrent web users. It seems that under heavy load, the INSERT and UPDATE statements to one or two specific tables keep queuing up, to the count of 150+ (one table has about 432K rows, other has about 2.6Million rows), resulting in ‘wait’s for other queries, and then everything piles up, with the load average shooting up to 10+.

Depending on your requirements and all that, but I had a similar issue in one of my applications and made the problem disappear entirely by serializing the transactions into a separate thread (actually, a thread pool) responsible for performing these transactions. This reduced the load on both the application server and the DB server.

Not a direct answer to your question, but I've found that a lot of times when someone has trouble scaling a database application, much of the performance win can be in trying to be a little smarter about how and when the database is accessed.

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