Ð ÐÑÐ, 27.10.2004, Ð 09:57, TTK Ciar ÐÐÑÐÑ:

> brad=# explain analyse select 
> ServerDisks.servername,ServerDisks.diskserial,ServerDisks.diskmountpoint,DiskFiles.name,DiskFiles.md5
>  from DiskFiles,ServerDisks where DiskFiles.diskserial=ServerDisks.diskserial;
>                           QUERY PLAN                                                 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>  Hash Join  (cost=22.50..65.00 rows=1000 width=274) (actual time=118.584..124653.729 
> rows=10133349 loops=1)
>    Hash Cond: (("outer".diskserial)::text = ("inner".diskserial)::text)
>    ->  Seq Scan on diskfiles  (cost=0.00..20.00 rows=1000 width=198) (actual 
> time=7.201..31336.063 rows=10133349 loops=1)
>    ->  Hash  (cost=20.00..20.00 rows=1000 width=158) (actual time=90.821..90.821 
> rows=0 loops=1)
>          ->  Seq Scan on serverdisks  (cost=0.00..20.00 rows=1000 width=158) (actual 
> time=9.985..87.364 rows=2280 loops=1)
>  Total runtime: 130944.586 ms

You should run ANALYZE on your database once in a while.

Markus Bertheau <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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