Mario Ivankovits <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> After populating the table with 8920 records and "analyze" the scenario 
> gets even worser:

> select * from tt where seckey = 1;
> Seq Scan on tt  (cost=0.00..168.50 rows=1669 width=12) (actual 
> time=0.000..15.000 rows=1784 loops=1)
>   Filter: (seckey = 1)
> Total runtime: 31.000 ms

> Now also this simple query uses a "Seq Scan".

Which is exactly what it *should* do, considering that it is selecting
1784 out of 8920 records.  Indexscans only win for small selectivities
--- the rule of thumb is that retrieving more than about 1% of the
records should use a seqscan.

                        regards, tom lane

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