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> On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 15:47, Chris Browne wrote:
>> Another thing that would be valuable would be to have some way to say:
>>   "Read this data; don't bother throwing other data out of the cache
>>    to stuff this in."
>> Something like a "read_uncached()" call...
>> That would mean that a seq scan or a vacuum wouldn't force useful
>> data out of cache.
> ARC does almost exactly those two things in 8.0.
> Seq scans do get put in cache, but in a way that means they don't
> spoil the main bulk of the cache.

We're not talking about the same cache.

ARC does these exact things for _shared memory_ cache, and is the
obvious inspiration.

But it does more or less nothing about the way OS file buffer cache is
managed, and the handling of _that_ would be the point of modifying OS
filesystem semantics.
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