To what extent would your problems be solved by having a 2nd server, a replication 
system (such as slony-1, but there are others), and some sort of load-balancer in 
front of it? The load-balancing could be as simple as round-robin DNS server, 

Then when you need to do maintenance such a vacuum full, you can temporarily take 1 
server out of the load-balancer (I hope) and do maintenance, and then the other.
I don't know what that does to replication, but I would venture that replication 
systems should be designed to handle a node going offline.

Load balancing could also help to protect against server-overload and 1 server 
toppling over.

Of course, I don't know to what extent having another piece of hardware is an option, 
for you.



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Now is there an administrative command in PostgreSQL that will cause it 
to move into some sort of maintenance mode?   For me that could be 
exceedingly useful as it would still allow for an admin connection to be 
made and run a VACUUM FULL and such.

        Martin Foster
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