> > Good, I'll give it a shot and see what I come up with...thx.
> >
> Do share your experience with us.

Will do.  I have to ship the server on Friday, and the parts are on
order.  If they come today, I'll have time to test Gentoo, Redhat 32/64,
and win32 by then.  If I can't get it built until tomorrow,
unfortunately the Gentoo test will have to be skipped.

The win32 test is forced because our clients prefer win32 and I have to
justify any platform change with a reasonable performance advantage.  I
have to compile and install a lot of software (including subversion,
which I'm using to manage our application binaries), and I'm wary of 64
bit library issues which will hold me up.  Any major roadblocks and I'll
be forced to drop the test.

When I'm finished I'll throw a link to this list, probably Friday.


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