Erik Norvelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> it=> explain select codelemm, sectref, count(codelemm) from indethom  
> group by codelemm, sectref;
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> ---------
>>> GroupAggregate  (cost=2339900.60..2444149.44 rows=1790528 width=13)
>>> ->  Sort  (cost=2339900.60..2364843.73 rows=9977252 width=13)
>>> Sort Key: codelemm, sectref
>>> ->  Seq Scan on indethom  (cost=0.00..455264.52 rows=9977252  
> width=13)

Actually the painful part of that is the sort.  If you bump up sort_mem
enough it will eventually switch over to a HashAggregate with no sort,
which may be a better plan if there's not too many groups (is the
estimate of 1.79 million on the mark at all??)

                        regards, tom lane

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