Dear Tom,
thanks for your information.
Where can I learn more about the explain and analyze??
One view that is giving a lot of problems is vkardex_3
which is used most of the time...
The explain analyze I sent is one of the views that
conform this one.

Thanks in advance.
Carlos Lopez Linares

--- Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Carlos Lopez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > This is one of the queries that work,and is the
> first
> > in a 4 level nested query....
> Do you really need UNION (as opposed to UNION ALL)
> in this query?
> The EXPLAIN shows that almost half the runtime is
> going into the
> sort/uniq to eliminate duplicates ... and according
> to the row
> counts, there are no duplicates, so it's wasted
> effort.
> I looked at your schema and saw an awful lot of
> that looked like they might not be necessary, too. 
> But I'm not
> willing to crawl through 144 views with no
> information about
> which ones are causing you problems.  What's a
> typical query
> that you are unsatisfied with the performance of?
>                       regards, tom lane

Ing. Carlos López Linares
IT Consultant
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