I noticed that some of you left coasters were talking about memcached
and pgsql. I'm curious to know what was discussed.

In reading about memcached, it seems that many people are using it to
circumvent the scalability problems of MySQL (lack of MVCC). 

from their site:        

Shouldn't the database do this?

Regardless of what database you use (MS-SQL, Oracle, Postgres,
MysQL-InnoDB, etc..), there's a lot of overhead in implementing ACID
properties in a RDBMS, especially when disks are involved, which means
queries are going to block. For databases that aren't ACID-compliant
(like MySQL-MyISAM), that overhead doesn't exist, but reading threads
block on the writing threads. memcached never blocks. 

So What does memcached offer pgsql users? It would still seem to offer
the benefit of a multi-machined cache.


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