Hmm, I'm really a beginner at this...

It turns out that the pg_statistic table in my good database has records
in it for the tables in the query, while the pg_statistic table in my
bad database has no records for those tables at all!

So I guess I need to figure out why pg_autovacuum isn't analyzing those

- DAP 

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>I've got pg_autovacuum running on both platforms. I've 
>verified that the tables involved in the query have the same 
>number of rows on both databases.
>I'm not sure where to look to see how the stats might be 
>different. The "good" database's pg_statistic table has 24 
>more rows than that in the "bad" database, so there's 
>definitely a difference. The good database's pg_statistic has 
>rows for 2 extra tables, but they are not tables involved in 
>the query in question...
>So something must be up with stats, but can you tell me what 
>the most signicant columns in the pg_statistic table are for 
>the planner making its decision? I'm sure this has been 
>discussed before, so if there's a thread you can point me to, 
>that would be great - I realize it's a big general question.
>Thanks for your time.
>- DAP
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>>On Nov 17, 2004, at 7:32 AM, David Parker wrote:
>>> Oh, I didn't realize that analyze gave that much more info. 
>>I've got a
>>> lot to learn about this tuning stuff ;-)
>>> I've attached the output. I see from the new output where the slow 
>>> query is taking its time (the nested loop at line 10), but I still 
>>> have no idea why this plan is getting chosen....
>>looks like your stats are incorrect on the sparc.
>>Did you forget to run vacuum analyze on it?
>>also, do both db's have the same data loaded?
>>there are some very different numbers in terms of actual rows 
>>around there...
>>Jeff Trout <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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