From our experience it is not just a postgres issue, but all IO with the
Update 3 kernel.

We have a box with Update 3 that queries a remote postgres database(Running
RH7.3, RH3 Update2) and writes to a file on an NFS server.   The update 3
box does half the work with 2-3 times the load as our update 1 and 2 boxes.
Looking at top the box is always above 90% IO Wait on the CPU.  When we
downgrade the kernel to Update 2 it seems to fix the issue.

We several Update 3 boxes that run postgres locally and they all struggle
compared to the Update 2 boxes

We have tried the Fedora Core 3 with not much more success and we are going
to try the Update 4 beta kernel next week to see if it is any better.

There are several threads on the Taroon mailing list discussing the issue.


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> What version of Redhat are you running?   We have found running 
> Enterprise Update 3 kernel kills our Dell boxes with IOWait, both NFS 
> and local disk traffic.  Update 2 kernel does not seem to have the 
> issue, and we are in the process of trying Update 4 beta to see if it is

This is interesting; do you have more to say about it?   I've been having
mysterious issues with RHES that I've not been able to pin down.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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