I have the following query plan:

logigis=# explain SELECT geom, ref_in_id as ref, nref_in_id as nref, st_name as 
name, substr(l_postcode,1,2) as postfirst,  func_class as level FROM 
schabi.streets WHERE cd='ca' ORDER BY l_postcode;
                                            QUERY PLAN                          
 Sort  (cost=2950123.42..2952466.07 rows=937059 width=290)
   Sort Key: l_postcode
   ->  Index Scan using streets_name_idx on streets  (cost=0.00..2857177.57 
rows=937059 width=290)
         Index Cond: ((cd)::text = 'ca'::text)

And I have, beside others, the following index:
    »streets_name_idx« btree (cd, l_postcode)

As the query plan shows, my postgresql 7.4 does fine on using the index
for the WHERE clause.

But as it fetches all the rows through the index, why doesn't it
recognize that, fetching this way, the rows are already sorted by

As I have a larger set of data, it nearly breaks down our developer
machine every time we do this, as it always creates a temporary copy of
the large amount of data to sort it (setting sort_mem higher makes it
swap, setting it lower makes it thrashing disk directly).

Is Postgresql 8 more intelligend in this case?

Thanks for your hints,

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