Test platform:
Pentium 4 3.06 GHz/HT
10k SATA Raptor
1Gb memory
Windows XP Pro SP2/Redhat Fedora 3 (64 bit results coming soon)

Could you please add information about...
- filesystems ?
- windows configured as "network server" or as "desktop box" ?
- virtual memory
In my experience you MUST deactivate virtual memory on a Windows box to avoid catastrophic competition between virtual memory and disk cache
- respective pgsql configurations (buffers...) identical ?
- explain analyze for the two, identical ?
- client on same machine or via network (100Mb ? 1G ?)
- size of the data set involved in query
- first query time after boot (with nothing in the cache), and times for the next disk-cached runs ?
- are the N users doing the same query or exercising different parts of the dataset ?

        You don't do any writes in your test do you ? Just big SELECTs ?

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