As for performance, lots of others will probably volunteer tips and techniques. In my experience, properly written and tuned applications will show only minor speed differences. I have seen several open-source apps that "support postgres" but are not well tested on it. Query optimization can cause orders of magnitude performance differences. It sounds maybe dspam is in this bucket?

Please, could anyone explain me this difference? Is Postgres that bad? Is MySQL that good? Am I the only one to have observed this behavior?

I made a little chart about these about a year ago:

If speed is what you need, and data integrity / safety is not, then MySQL may be a good choice. (Aggregate statistics tables and other such calculated denormalizations).

IMHO, if all you need is dpsam running *now*, then I'd say MySQL might be good choice. If you ever need to run a DB application where data integrity is mission critical, then postgres is the top of my list.

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