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> "Constantin Teodorescu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > If I will choose to keep a mirror of every
> > workstation database in a
> > separate schema in the central database that mean
> > that I will have 3500 different schemas.
> > Is there any limit or any barrier that could stop
> > this kind of approach or make things go slower?
> Would you need to put them all into "search_path" at
> once?
> I'm not sure what the scaling issues might be for
> long search_paths, but I wouldn't be surprised if 
> it's bad.  But as long as you don't do that,
> I don't believe there will be any problems.

if i do a select with fully qualified table names it
will search in the search_path or it will go directly
to the schema?

Just for know.

Jaime Casanova

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