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> Subject: Re: [pgsql-hackers-win32] scalability issues on win32
> The general opinion of server users is that you need 2-4 more 
> Win32 servers to do the same work as one Unix-like server.  
> That and the difficulty of automated administration and 
> security problems is what is preventing Win32 from making 
> greater inroads into the server marketplace.
> Of course these are just generalizations.

I'd rather avoid an OS advocacy war here, but if I'm honest, with group
policy and other tools such as SUS, I find that my Windows servers are
actually easier to administer than the Linux ones (I have about a 50-50
mix at work). Perhaps that's because I favour Slackware though?

As for the 2-4 servers quote, I find that a little on the high side. I
agree that generally you might expect a little more performance from an
equivalent Linux system on the same hardware, but in my practical
experience the difference is far less than you suggest.

Regards, Dave.

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