Casey Allen Shobe wrote the following on 11/27/04 03:11 :

I posted about this a couple days ago on dspam-dev...

I am using DSpam with PostgreSQL, and like you discovered the horrible
performance.  The reason is because the default PostgreSQL query planner
settings determine that a sequence scan will be more efficient than an
index scan, which is wrong.  To correct this behavior, adjust the query
planner settings for the appropriate table/column with this command:

alter table "dspam_token_data" alter "token" set statistics 200; analyze;

Let me know if it help you.  It worked wonders for me.

In tum mode, this could help too (I'm currently testing it) :
CREATE INDEX id_token_data_sumhits ON dspam_token_data ((spam_hits + innocent_hits));

Indeed each UPDATE on dspam_token_data in TUM is done with :
WHERE ... AND spam_hits + innocent_hits < 50

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