Josh Berkus wrote:

I'm curious about the problem's you're seeing with Dell servers since
we're about to buy some 750s, 2850s and 1850s.

The problems I've been dealing with have been on the *650s. They're the ones you name.

FYI ... the 750s, 1850s and 2850s use Intel chipsets (E7520 on 1850s
and 2850s, 7210 on 750s), Intel NICs, and come only with LSI Logic
RAID controllers.  It looks like Dell has dropped the
Broadcom/ServerWorks and Adaptec junk.

I don't know if Vivek is on this list; I think he just had a critical failure with one of the new Dells with LSI.

On this note about "Adaptec junk", I have a question regarding hardware as well. We tend to build a lot of servers in house (Supermicro based with the Zero-channel raid). Does anyone have any anecdotal or empirical data on using a ZCR card versus a full-blown RAID controller (adaptec or other)?? I am trying to build a medium-duty database server with 8G RAM, 4x144GB U320 Scsi RAID 10, FreeBSD (5.3-stable or 4-stable) and was wondering about performance differences between ZCR and Adaptec versus other manufacturers' Full-RAID cards. (PCI-E)


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