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> sarlav kumar wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  Which is the best available PG replication tool in market now?
> There is no "best", there is only best for your situation. The two
> most supported are:
>>     * Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator      * Slony-I
>> Which one of these is a good option for replicating Postgres 7.3.2?
> Mammoth PostgreSQL Replicator will automatically upgrade you to
> 7.3.8 which you should be running anyway.
> I believe Slony will work with 7.3.2.

No, it won't.

I believe there was something about namespace support that did not
stabilize until PostgreSQL 7.3.3, and Slony-I works with that version,
at the earliest.

And you're quite right; "best" is a slippery metric.  Like many
things, it may be altered by perspective.
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