Hi All,

Thanks for the information on replication tools!!
Now, I have a question regarding locking tables and updating tables that have a relationship to the locked table.

I opened up two pgsql windows logged in using same userid.
Let's say I lock a table "customerdata" on one window.
lock table customerdata;

Then in the other window,I want to make an update to table "customer".
update customer set status=0 where id=111;

The relation ship between the two tables is as follows
customerdata.uid is FK on customer.id. There are no triggers that will try to update customerdata table when the above update statement is issued.

My problem is the update does not continue unless the lock on customerdata is released. Is it because the lock statement does a lock on all related tables? Is it possible to lock only the particular table we want to lock and not the related tables?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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