>>>>> "FW" == Frank Wiles <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

FW>   I believe I had expressed some problems with Dell in the past, but
FW>   it really isn't a quality control issue that I have seen.  It is more
FW>   of a Linux support issue.  Lately I've been running into problems with

Ditto that experience, but with FreeBSD.

FW>   getting particular parts of system working under Linux (raid cards, 
FW>   SATA drives, Ethernet cards) or I can get it working, but it
FW>   performs badly ( PERC cards vs say a Mylex card ). 

Drivers for their devices are not problems, but performance is.

Their RAID cards are either Adaptec or LSI, but people who use the
"real" branded versions of those cards always seem to get better
performance.  Way better.

I'm considering FreeBSD systems and a custom built configuration right
now.  Very hard decision to make.

For desktops and web/office servers, I still like the Dells.  Just not
for the DB servers anymore.

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