>>>>> "JB" == Josh Berkus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> FYI ... the 750s, 1850s and 2850s use Intel chipsets (E7520 on 1850s
>> and 2850s, 7210 on 750s), Intel NICs, and come only with LSI Logic
>> RAID controllers.  It looks like Dell has dropped the
>> Broadcom/ServerWorks and Adaptec junk.

JB> I don't know if Vivek is on this list; I think he just had a
JB> critical failure with one of the new Dells with LSI.

I'm here, but time delayed :-)

No critical failures on the Dell, just performance failure.  It can't
keep up.  You'd think with a box like this:

Dual Xeon (32 bit)
PERC3 (LSI based controller) dual channel
chan0: RAID1 two disks for OS + pg_xlog
chan1: RAID5 14 disks U320 18Gb
FreeBSD 4.10
PG 7.4.6

I should get better than a sustained 6MB/s I/O throughput with peaks
to 30MB/s and about 30% the tracks/sec others report with name-brand
LSI controllers with Opteron systems.

The computer is wicked fast, but the I/O can't hold up, and I can't
get a straight answer as to why.

I'm no closer to solving the vendor problem than anyone else here.

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