Thanks for the response.

I just start to get a feel of where TableSpace will be used. You are right I
do not have 7000 logical filesystems.
I am assuming  using TableSpace as organization of files in folders in
Windows 2003 Environment. So, each
TableSpace will represent one folder(directory) in a drive. But this doesnot
work to well for my design.

Since pgAdmin III GUI take 2 hours just to load approximately 14000 tables.
I am not using TableSpace approach anymore. I am using multiple database

Anyway, thanks for the response. Today testing by taking several option to
the limit. I kind of having some ideas
for future scability.


"Tom Lane" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> "Rosny" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > B. For each department create tablespace. (Which means, if there
> >  are 7000 departments, there will be 7000 tablespace each contains
> >  20 tables).
> If your system has seven thousand separate logical filesystems attached
> to it, there might be some value in having seven thousand tablespaces.
> But I will bet a great deal that it does not and there isn't.
> regards, tom lane
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