Sorry, I didn't catch the original message, so I'm not sure if the original poster mentioned the postgres version that he's using.

I just thought that I'd contribute this observation.

I have a DB that takes several hours to restore under 7,1 but completes in around 10 minutes on 7.4. The main reason for this is that by default the 7.4 restore delays creation of PKs and indexes until after the data load, whereas 7.1 doesn't.

I noticed that 7.1 has a re-arrange option that reportedly delays the pks and indexes, so presumably this would have alleviated the problem.

I also noticed that a dumpfile created under 7.1 took hours to restore using 7.4 to load it as the order remained in the default of 7.1.

I don'tknow when the default behaviour changed, but I get the feeling it may have been with 7.4.


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