sarlav kumar wrote:
Hi All,

I would like to write the output of the \d command on all tables in a
database to an output file. There are more than 200 tables in the
database. I am aware of \o command to write the output to a file.
But, it will be tough to do the \d for each table manually and write
the output to a file. Is there a command/ way in which I can achieve
this without having to do it for each table? Any help in this regard
would be really appreciated.

What is the OS? On any UNIX variant you can do:

echo '\d' | psql > outputfile

But this will get you the system tables as well I think.

Alternately you could do something like:

for table in $(<listoftables); do
        echo '\d' | psql
done > outputfile

Until later, Geoffrey

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