On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Tomas [iso-8859-1] Skäre wrote:

> I have a table that looks like this:
>          Table "public.cjm_object"
>   Column   |       Type        | Modifiers
> -----------+-------------------+-----------
>  timestamp | bigint            | not null
>  jobid     | bigint            | not null
>  objectid  | bigint            | not null
>  class     | integer           | not null
>  field     | character varying | not null

In 7.4.x and earlier, you need to cast the value you're comparing to into
a bigint in order to make sure the indexes are used (in your timestamp
case it appears to work because the value doesn't fit in a plain integer).
8.0 should handle this better.

> But when doing a search with objectid, class and field, it doesn't use
> the idx_cjm_object1 index.
> db=# explain analyze select * from cjm_object where objectid=4534 and 
> class=12 and field='paroid';

Using one of
 objectid=CAST(4534 as bigint)
rather than objectid=4534 should make this indexable in 7.4.x.

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