I think I miscommunicated something. I am doing a pg_dump from Postgres 7.3.2. I am restoring it on Postgres 7.4.6 on Fedora Core 3 on a different server.
I tried doing the dump and restoring it on the new DB. I did not have any problem with the UNIQUE contraint so far. But I got an error message saying table "session" does not exist, though it does exist in the old database(from where I did the dump).
I also got another error saying "user abc does not exist". On the old DB I have different set of users, with different privileges granted to each of them on the tables. I guess I need to create these set of users in the new DB before doing the dump. Am I right?

I am new to postgres administration. So I am not sure what you mean by "same locale in the new database cluster". Could you please explain or point me to a source where I can learn from?
Thanks a lot for the help,


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