Hi Everybody.

I have a table in my production database which gets updated regularly and the stats on this table in pg_class are totally wrong. I used to run vacuumdb on the whole database daily once and when i posted the same problem of wrong stats in the pg_class most of them from this list and also from postgres docs suggested me to run the "vacuum analyze" more frequently on this table.

I had a setup a cronjob couple of weeks ago to run vacuum analyze every 3 hours on this table and still my stats are totally wrong. This is affecting the performance of the queries running on this table very badly.

How can i fix this problem ?  or is this the standard postgres behaviour ?

Here are the stats from the problem table on my production database

relpages |  reltuples
  168730 | 2.19598e+06

If i rebuild the same table on dev db and check the stats they are totally different, I was hoping that there would be some difference in the stats from the production db stats but not at this extent, as you can see below there is a huge difference in the stats.

relpages | reltuples
   25230 |    341155

Thanks! Pallav

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