Hi Amrit,

I'm sorry to hear about the disaster in Thailand. I live in a tsunami prone area myself :-(

I think that you have enough information to solve your problem now, but it will just take some time and testing. When you have eliminated the excessive swapping and tuned your system as best you can, then you can decide if that is fast enough for you. More memory might help, but I can't say for sure. There are many other things to consider. I suggest that you spend some time reading through the performance and maybe the admin lists.


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These are some settings that I am planning to start with for a 4GB RAM
opteron system with a maximum of 100 connections:

shared_buffers 8192 (=67MB RAM) sort_mem 4096 (=400MB RAM for 100 connections) effective_cache_size 380000(@8KB =3.04GB RAM) vacuum_mem 32768 KB wal_buffers 64 checkpoint_segments 8

In theory, effective cache size is the amount of memory left over for the
to cache the filesystem after running all programs and having 100 users
connected, plus a little slack.


I'm not sure if I put more RAM on my mechine ie: 6 GB . The performance
would increase for more than 20 % ?
Any comment please,

Amrit Angsusingh
Sawanpracharuck Hospital

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