> > Today is the first official day of this weeks and the system run
> > better in serveral points but there are still some points that need to
> > be corrected. Some queries or some tables are very slow. I think the
> > queries inside the programe need to be rewrite.
> > Now I put the sort mem to a little bit bigger:
> > sort mem = 16384       increase  the sort mem makes no effect on the
> > slow point eventhough there is little connnection.
> > shared_buffers = 27853
> > effective cache = 120000

>   If I were you I would upgrade from RH 9 to Fedora Core 2 or 3 after
>   some initial testing.  You'll see a huge improvement of speed on the
>   system as a whole.  I would try turning hyperthreading off also.

Now I turn hyperthreading off and readjust the conf . I found the bulb query
that was :
update one flag of the table [8 million records which I think not too much]
.When I turned this query off everything went fine.
I don't know whether update the data is much slower than insert [Postgresql
7.3.2] and how could we improve the update method?
Thanks for many helps.

NB. I would like to give my appreciation to all of the volunteers from many
countries who combat with big disaster [Tsunamies] in my country [Thailand].

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