Merlin Moncure wrote:

Hi there! I'm doing my first tunning on my postgreSQL, my server is


a small app, largest table shall never exceed 10k rows, and less than


transactions/day. So I don't think I should run out of resources. The
machine is a Fedora Core 3.0 with 1gb ran and kernel 2.6. I'm thinking
in having 50 connections limit, so besides semaphores should I do
anything special on kernel parameters. The app is so small that during
late night time almost no one will access so, I'm thinking in full
vacuuming it every day at 1:00AM.

The biggest danger with small databases is it's easy to become overconfident...writing poor queries and such and not properly indexing. 50 users can hit your system pretty hard if they all decide to do something at once. Aside from that, just remember to bump up work_mem a bit for fast joining.

Your application may be small, but if it is written well and works, it
well inevitably become larger and more complex, so plan for the future


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Thanks Merlin, besides what I said of tunning anything else I should care looking at?

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