Josh Berkus wrote:


I use RH 9.0 with postgresql 7.3.2 and 4 Gb ram [server spec. Dual Xeon
3.0] and someone mention that the hyperthreading will not help but if I let
it there will it be any harm to the system?
Any comment please.

Sometimes. Run a test and take a look at your CS (context switch) levels on VMSTAT. If they're high, turn HT off.

If it's a dedicated PG system, though, just turn HT off.  We can't use it.

Also, upgrade PostgreSQL to 7.3.8 at least.   7.3.2 is known-buggy.

Sorry for the "dumb" question, but what would be considered high regarding CS levels? We just upgraded our server's to dual 2.8Ghz Xeon CPUs from dual Xeon 1.8Ghz which unfortunately HT built-in. We also upgraded our database from version 7.3.4 to 7.4.2


Steve Poe

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