while you weren't looking, Merlin Moncure wrote:

> 2 way or 4 way Opteron depending on needs (looking on a price for 4-way?
> Go here: http://www.swt.com/qo3.html). 

Try also the Appro 1U 4-way Opteron server, at:

I specced a 4-way 842 (1.6 GHz: little to none of our db work is CPU
bound; there's just a lot of it going on at once) with 32G core for
within delta of what SWT wants /just/ for the 32G -- the price of the
box itself and anything else atop that.  Stepping up to a faster CPU
should increase the cost directly in line with the retail price for
the silicon.

We haven't yet ordered the machine (and the quote was from early last
month, so their prices will have fluctuated) and consequently, I can't
comment on their quality.  Their default warranty is three years,
"rapid exchange", though, and they offer on-site service for only
nominally more, IIRC.  Some slightly more than cursory googling hasn't
turned up anything overly negative, either.

As a 1U, the box has no appreciable storage of its own but we're
shopping for a competent, non bank-breaking fibre setup right now, so
that's not an issue for our situation.  While on the subject, anyone
here have anything to say about JMR fibre raid cabinets? 
(Fibre-to-fibre, not fibre-to-SATA or the like.)



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