All of these recent threads about fastest hardware and "who's better than who" has inspired me to create a new website:

I snipped a few bits from recent posts to get some pages started - hope the innocent don't mind. It's a bit postgres biased at the moment, since well, so am I (though FireBird is now mounting a strong showing...) This site uses a wiki so anyone interested can make contributions. We are all short on time, so I would love any help. I haven't entered any hardware info yet.

I'll also take a minute to plug a postgres saavy open-source project used for this site - - It's a very flexible web framework with a very powerful and extendible CMS engine. It just hit Alpha 4, and we hope to go beta very soon. If you have feedback (or bugs), please send me a note. (and of course dbtuning is running on postgres ;-)

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