You can *not* go from any major release to another major release using any kind of file backup. Please use pg_dump.

Additionally there are known issues dumping and restoring from 7.3 -> 7.4 if you use the default copy command. Use the pg_dump --inserts option.

I would still tar the directory just in case you *have* to fall back to 7.3 for some reason (Better safe than sorry )


Richard Huxton wrote:


I would like to upgrade both OS kernel and PGsql version , so in my opinion the
best way to handle it is to *backup* the data in .tar

Just remember if you're going from 7.3.2 => 7.4.x or 8.0 then you'll need to use pg_dump not just tar up the directories. If you do use tar, remember to backup *all* the directories.

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