Well you probably will need to run your own tests to get a conclusive answer. It should be that hard -- compile once with gcc, make a copy of the installed binaries to pgsql.gcc -- then repeat with the HP compiler.

In general though, gcc works best under x86 computers. Comparisons of gcc on x86 versus Itanium versus PPC show binaries compiled for Itanium and PPC drastically underperform compared to gcc/x86. I suspect it's probably the same situation for HP-UX.

Gustavo Franklin Nóbrega wrote:

Anyone have tips for performance of Postgresql, running on HP-UX 11.11,
PA-RISC (HP RP3410)? What is better compiler (GCC or HP C/ANSI), flags of
compilation, kernel and FS tunning?

I have installed pgsql, and compiled with gcc -O2
-fexpensive-optimizations flags only.

Another question: Postgres running well on HP-UX? What is the better:
HP-UX or Linux on HP RP3410?


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