I'm dealing with big database [3.8 Gb] and records of 3 millions . Some of the
query seems to be slow eventhough just a few users in the night. I would like
to know which parameter list below is most effective in rising the speed of
these queries?

Shmmax = 32384*8192 =265289728
Share buffer = 32384

That's the one you want to increase...

sort_mem = 34025 <===== I guess increase this one is most effective but too

You should reduce this. This is memory PER SORT. You could have 10 sorts in one query and that query being run 10 times at once, using 100x that sort_mem in total - causing lots of swapping. So something like 8192 would probably be better, even lower at 4096 perhaps.

effective cache = 153204

That's probably about right.


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