Richard Huxton wrote:

If you've got a web-application then you'll probably want to insert the results into a cache table for later use.

If I have quite a bit of activity like this (people selecting 10000 out of a few million rows and paging through them in a web browser), would it be good to have a single table with a userid column shared by all users, or a separate table for each user that can be truncated/dropped?

I started out with one table; but with people doing 10s of thousand
of inserts and deletes per session, I had a pretty hard time figuring
out a reasonable vacuum strategy.

Eventually I started doing a whole bunch of create table tmp_XXXX
tables where XXXX is a userid; and a script to drop these tables - but
that's quite ugly in a different way.

With 8.0 I guess I'll try the single table again - perhaps what I
want may be to always have a I/O throttled vacuum running...  hmm.

Any suggestions?

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