I have the go ahead of a customer to do some testing on Postgresql in a couple of weeks as a replacement for Oracle.
The reason for the test is that the number of users of the warehouse is going to increase and this will have a serious impact on licencing costs. (I bet that sounds familiar)
We're running a medium sized data warehouse on a Solaris box (4CPU, 8Gb RAM) on Oracle.
Basically we have 2 large fact tables to deal with: one going for 400M rows, the other will be hitting 1B rows soon.
(around 250Gb of data)
My questions to the list are: has this sort of thing been attempted before? If so, what where the results?
I've been reading up on partitioned tabes on pgsql, will the performance benefit will be comparable to Oracle partitioned tables?
What are the gotchas?  Should I be testing on 8 or the 7 version?
Thanks in advance for any help you may have, I'll do my best to keep pgsql-performance up to date on the results.
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