Matt Clark wrote:

Presumably it can't _ever_ know without being explicitly told, because even for a plain SELECT there might be triggers involved that update tables, or it might be a select of a stored proc, etc. So in the general case, you can't assume that a select doesn't cause an update, and you can't be sure that the table list in an update is a complete list of the tables that might be updated.

Uhmmm no :) There is no such thing as a select trigger. The closest you would get
is a function that is called via select which could be detected by making sure
you are prepending with a BEGIN or START Transaction. Thus yes pgPool can be made
to do this.


Joshua D. Drake

Tatsuo Ishii wrote:

Can I ask a question?

Suppose table A gets updated on the master at time 00:00. Until 00:03
pgpool needs to send all queries regarding A to the master only. My
question is, how can pgpool know a query is related to A?
Tatsuo Ishii

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