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>       Yes, indeed, that will be.  My feeling is that Network Solutions 
> actually manages the .NET and .COM registries far better than anyone else 
> does, and when .ORG was switched away I didn't like the lack of flexibility 
> that I have always enjoyed with .NET and .COM -- the problem is that I have 
> to create a separate account and password for each .ORG internet domain 
> name now and can't just use one master account and password for all of 
> them, and if the same folks are going to be running .NET then I'm going to 
> wind up having more management to do for that one as well (and I'm not 
> talking about just a mere handlful of internet domain names either).

Wildly off-topic, but that's registrar driven, not registry driven.
I have a range of domains (.com, .net, .org and others) all accessed
from a single login through a single registrar. You need to use a
better registrar.

As a bit of obPostgresql, though... While the registry for .org is
run on Postgresql, the actual DNS is run on Oracle. That choice was
driven by the availability of multi-master replication.

Like many of the cases where the problem looks like it needs
multi-master replication, though, it doesn't really need it. A single
master at any one time, but with the ability to dub any of the slaves
a new master at any time would be adequate. If that were available for
Postgresql I'd choose it over Oracle were I doing a big distributed
database backed system again.


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