Mitch Pirtle wrote:

1) freebsd will only let PostgreSQL have 38 connections at a time,
regardless of kernel settings or postgresql.conf settings. Where
exactly (and how, exactly) does one remedy that problem?

What version of FreeBSD is the box running?
Generally you need to change semaphores and shared memory settings, e.g. for 5.x or late 4.x :

in /etc/sysctl.conf :
(can be set online using systcl -w)

Semaphores need to be set in /boot/loader.conf
(can typed at the loader prompt using set)

These settings should let you have ~100 connections and use about 100M of shared memory for shared_buffers.

Early 4.x (I think) and before will need a kernel rebuild, see

2) As of this morning, the machine was down again, this time apache
fired up normally but pg refuses to start - without errors. When I
start with postmaster on the CLI I also get no errors, just no
postmaster. Why am I not seeing the errors, is this a FreeBSD or
PostgreSQL issue?

For example:

$ pg_ctl start
postmaster successfully started
$ pg_ctl status
pg_ctl: postmaster or postgres not running


$ postmaster -D /usr/local/pgsql/data
(no response)

BTW - What version of Pg are you using?
Check your postgresql.conf to see if all the output is going to syslog, e.g,
If not, then unfortunately it is possible that whatever is causing the machine to be unstable has corrupted the data directory (so ...err... restore time). Starting the postmaster in debug mode will provide more output:
$ postmaster -d 5
Additionally utilitites like 'strace' will give you a bit more info about where the startup process gets to.

Do you know why the box went down? The freebsd-bugs or freebsd-stable list will help with respect to Freebsd crashing, see



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