> Peter, Ragnar,
> > > Are there ones that you use which might use several different connections
> > > to send a series of queries from a single web-user, less than 5 seconds
> > > apart?
> >
> >     Using Apache/Perl I often have a situation where we're sending several
> > queries from the same user (web client) within seconds, or even
> > simultaneously, that use different connections.
> So from the sound of it, the connection methods I've been using are the 
> exception rather than the rule.   Darn, it worked well for us.  :-(
> What this would point to is NOT being able to use Slony-I for database server 
> pooling for most web applications.   Yes?  Users should look to pgCluster and 
> C-JDBC instead.

Yup. That's the limitaion of async replication solutions.

> BTW, Tatsuo, what's the code relationship between pgPool and pgCluster, if 
> any?

PGCluster consists of three kind of servers, "load balance server",
"cluster server"(modified PostgreSQL backend) and "replication
server". I believe some of codes of pgpool are used in the load
balance server to avoid "re-invent a wheel". This is a beauty of open
source software project.
Tatsuo Ishii

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