The problems still stays open.

The thing is that I have about 20 - 30 clients that are using that SQL query where the offset and limit are involved. So, I cannot create a temp table, because that means that I'll have to make a temp table for each session... which is a very bad ideea. Cursors somehow the same. In my application the Where conditions can be very different for each user(session) apart.

The only solution that I see in the moment is to work at the query, or to write a more complex where function to limit the results output. So no replace for Offset/Limit.

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I am also very interesting in this very question.. Is there any way to
declare a persistant cursor that remains open between pg sessions?
This would be better than a temp table because you would not have to
do the initial select and insert into a fresh table and incur those IO
costs, which are often very heavy, and the reason why one would want
to use a cursor.

TANSTAAFL. How would such a persistent cursor be implemented if not by building a temporary table somewhere behind the scenes?

There could be some advantage if the data were stored in a temporary table
marked as not having to be WAL logged. Instead it could be automatically
cleared on every database start.


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