Every time I tested an idea to speed it up, I got exactly the same loading time on a Athlon 1800+, 256Mb RAM, 20Gb PATA computer as compared to a Dual Opteron 246, 1Gb RAM, 70Gb WD Raptor SATA server. Now, why a dual opteron machine can't perform any faster than a lowly 1800+ athlon in numerous tests is completely beyond me ... increased memory and RAID 0 disc configurations so far have not resulted in any significant performance gain in the opteron server.

How many rows does the query return ?

Maybe a lot of time is spent, hidden in the PHP libraries, converting the rows returned by psql into PHP objects.

        You should try that :

        EXPLAIN ANALYZE SELECT your query
        -> time is T1

        CREATE TABLE cache AS SELECT your query
        -> time is T2 (probably very small)

Now in your PHP script replace SELECT your query by SELECT * FROM cache. How much does the final page time changes ? This will tell you the time spend in the postgres engine, not in data transmission and PHPing. It will tell wat you can gain optimizing the query.

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